University Research

We partner with  five universities and organize placements for students who want to gain first-hand experience of international development. Assignments are matched to ensure local organisations benefit from fresh ideas, and students receive the support they need.

University of Strathclyde

We work with the Human Rights LLM course at Strathclyde University to offer 5 12 week bespoke Field Dissertation Assignments for their master students each year. Students from this programme will do vital research for an organisation in a lower income country whilst gaining valuable experience for their own academic research. Students have worked in a variety of areas and countries including access to water in Guatemala, defending human rights defenders in Uganda, access to renewable energies in Malawi and women’s employment rights in Ghana.

University Research

University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh University’s School of Geosciences offers 5 8 week bespoke International  Work Based Research Assignments. Students from this school will be working in a variety of areas including food security, agricultural development and renewable energies. This experience will provide students with a valuable overseas working experience whilst giving them the opportunity to enrich their thesis research for the end of their Msc programme.

University Research

Cranfield School of Business Management

We work alongside Cranfield to provide their MBA students with a one week intensive consulting experience in a variety of placements. Challenges works with local partners and our in country offices to locate businesses in need of direct consultancy work and will send in teams of Cranfield students to perform diagnostics on their company and then complete a short project – business plan, financial plan, HR advice, etc – to their host business by the end of their 5 day visit.

University Research

University of Lancaster

We provide placements to trainee psychologists from the University of Lancaster to expose them to a variety of mental and physical health issues in a lower income country context. They provide training and support to their host hospital and other organisations in the area when possible, at the same time they will learn the ways that mental and physical health issues are treated in their host country.

University Research

University of Denver

We work with the Post Disaster Psychology department at Denver to provide 12-15 of their students with work placements for a period of 8 weeks. During this time students will be based across the world from Ghana to Nepal and from China to Sri Lanka working in different organisations, hospitals and agencies that work in the area of mental health. During this time they will lend their training and support to their host placement.

University Research

We take a strategic approach to the sectors we are involved in to improve our understanding of:

  • the opportunities for, and barriers to, growth faced by small enterprises
  • the costs and risks of doing business in the developing world
  • how to design and deliver appropriate and affordable services to help businesses overcome impediments to growth.

We believe such an insight will not only be of significant value to us, but also to our partners, clients, impact investors and other interested parties.